Travel Tips that will help you Make Great Savings

 Holiday time is always fun time. At least for many people. If only it didn’t leave you so broke.

Do you remember a time you came back from a vacation and marveled at how much money you ended up saving on the trip?


The opposite is true most of the time.

You come back to overdrafts and ballooning credit card debt. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a few workable money saving tips that you can apply whenever you’re planning a holiday?

We have plenty of travel tips that will do just that. They key to maximize on saving, is finding as many tips that can work for you and implementing them.

It’s not enough to go with one or two tips. At best, these will only save you a few dollars. But when you add many more tips, it amplifies your savings multiple times over. A couple extra thousand dollars’ worth of savings isn’t too bad, is sit?

Here is how you get it:

Tip #1: Be flexible about your flights

When you’re trying to save as much money as possible, you cannot afford to be rigid on your intended flight dates. If you look keenly enough, you’ll notice cheaper flights a few days before your desired travel dates or maybe even a week after.

Think about it. Which is more important? Saving that $300 or arriving to your destination at the beginning of September? If it doesn’t matter what days your holiday begins, choose the cheaper dates, which may be few days earlier or later than the dates you intended to book.

Other money-saving tips around flights and flight days are:

  • Avoid weekend flights. Fly during the week instead. Lots of weekend flights are overcharged. Few people travel during weekdays compared to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Choose these days.
  • Avoid flying during the holiday. You’re likely to pay more.
  • Always compare flight rates. The first flight offer you come across is probably not the cheapest. Use flight booking websites to compares the rates across different carriers and times.
  • Fly during irregular hours. Late night and early morning flights attract lower fares.
  • Book directly with the airline. Most airlines give cheaper rates, but you have to book directly at their website or buy their e-ticket.


Tip #2:Take advantage of family and group discounts

Traveling as a family or group has its perks, among which are numerous discounts. Whenever you’re booking a service and the person serving you notices you’re traveling as a group, they’ll alert you about available group discounts.

But because they may not always do this, take it upon yourself to ask about discounts and offers every time you book a service.

Even when you’ve traveled alone, you can still enjoy group specials by teaming up with new friends you make along the way. Book a tour together as a group and whatever other service you’d like to enjoy.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what method you use to make some savings. What matters is that you have some change in your pocket.

Book an apartment, rental condo or AirBnB instead of a hotel when holidaying as a family. It costs way less.

You only want to do this with family or good friends. Joining up with strangers to make savings off accommodation is not a good idea. At all!

Tip #3: Find coupon discounts that apply to the area you’re visiting

Coupons are still as hot as they were in 2008. And they will be for a long time.

Be on the lookout for coupons in all the places you visit.

Restaurants, convenient stores, spas, local websites and businesses are all great sources of coupons. Imagine what amassing 10 of these would mean for your finances. A little more freedom, right?

Tip #4: Save on travel options

Traveling by bus saves you more money than doing so by train. And the train saves you more money than a taxi or rental car. Weigh the dynamics of each place you visit and choose the most affordable means of transportation.

Also, deliberately choosing to travel at night will see you save costs on accommodation. It’s a clever little tip that works all the time. Plus, you can sleep on the bus throughout the journey.

Tip #5: Get insight from locals

No one knows the best spots for great deals better than the locals. Their recommendations would obviously differ vastly from what your travel agent recommended.

But you have to understand; the tour agent may not care about your pocket. They may even be receiving a cut for every new business they send to a resort, restaurant or other business.

The locals, on the other hand, have no vested interest and will genuine tell you what isn’t great, what is and what it will cost you.

Tip #6: Go for meals in the street

The restaurants out in the street charge much lower rates for meals. If you book meals at your restaurant (where you’re staying), get ready to pay more.

The exception would be to choose discounted specials at the restaurant, and only those. Everything else will likely be cheaper elsewhere.

Hotels within the city center and tourist area have higher rates than hotels located further away. You’ll save more if you walk to these hotels to eat there.

Tip #7: Beware of high calling and internet rates

A sure way to circumvent this is to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. If you need to make calls, make voice and video calls over the internet as opposed to phone calls.

It’ll save you a ton of cash in international calling rates and roaming charges.

Tip #8: Limit cash at hand

The more cash you have at hand, the more you’ll spend. Set a limit for how much money you’ll carry every day and try not to replenish it once you exhaust it. Until the following day.

In the same vein, ignore your ATM card completely. Only use it when it is absolutely necessary.

Tip #9: Split your holiday time between the hotel and camping

Plan to spend some days camping. It’s far cheaper than staying at the hotel and more enjoyable too.

Also, take walks around the neighborhood instead of taking guided bus tours all the time.

Try some of these tips and see how much you get to save on your next trip. Happy traveling!

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