Tips To Choose the Best Destination for Your Family

  Holiday destinations; what delight does the mental image of such a destination bring? If only settling for a holiday destination was always as easy as dreaming it up!

If you’re like most people, sometimes you’ll want to go on a trip, but you can’t make up your mind about where to go exactly.

It can be frustrating.

It’s a lot easier when you’re planning a holiday for one because you can often convince yourself that you’ll like the place when you get there.

But trying to convince a bunch of young ones, among whom is maybe an opinionated teen, and a partner who says they’ll support whatever decision you come up with instead of helping you can be torture.

Having gone through this agony time and again, I decided it was time to find a fool-proof way to ensure that I could choose holiday destinations without losing my mind. It involved playing around with tons, and I mean tons, of tips but eventually, they all make the process so much easier.

Ready? Here you go:

Tip #1: Pick a place you’ve never been to

Now, this is easy if there’s only one place you haven’t been to in the list. But what happens if there are two or more new places to consider? You’ll figure it out. In any case, it’s easier to choose between two places than it is to choose one from among 15 places.

Tip #2: Go to the one place the whole family loves

If your family has a favorite travel destination, choose to go there this time. It would only get boring if it was the same place you visited year in, year out.

Plus it’s a quick solution when you can’t seem to come up with a different destination choice. You’re also sure everyone will love it there, so no chance you’ll deal with moodiness, grumpiness and downright bad attitude from the kids.

Tip #3: Think of the unique hobbies you can engage in there

When you think of destinations in terms of what you can do there, it suddenly becomes easy to make a choice on where to go.

The only challenge here is because each member of your family may prefer a different hobby. Put on your negotiator hat and convince everyone why they should choose the hobby you’re rooting for. Many will be pissed, but isn’t that the whole of being a family?

They’ll recover soon enough when they realize that they’re indeed going on a trip.

Tip #4: Go to a destination where there’s a festival or celebration of sorts happening.





And hundreds of other places hold festivals at some point during the year. Choose one of these places for a chance to take part in a different culture. Your kids will especially love it.

Tip #5: Get inspiration from travel websites

Travel websites and blogs can be a rich source of useful travel information and will often bring to your attention a few places you’ve never heard of.

Hold a family vote to choose where to go from the listed places.

Tip #6: Consider holiday and lifestyle magazines

These too are other good sources of exotic holiday destinations worth visiting. Start browsing through any local magazine you can find. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tip #7: Check where others have been on social media

Instagram and Pinterest are packed with refreshing idea of places you can visit both near and far. I’m sure that, by the time you’re done, you’ll have a long list of new places to visit.

What to Consider when Choosing a Holiday Destination

When traveling with the family, you have to be cautious of a lot of things, especially because of the kids. When you’re going on holiday alone or with your partner, you can overlook plenty of stuff. Not so when the kids are involved.

Here are some things to consider before deciding on a holiday destination;

  1. Things to do

The last thing you want is to be stuck on a faraway land with bored kids. Research more about the place you’re visiting to find out if it offers a variety of fun activities for the whole family.

The more things you can do the better because then your little ones will be so tired at the end of the day they’ll leave you alone. And you can enjoy your peace in quiet.

  1. Distance

Choose a destination that is within a reasonable distance if you have small kids. When your kid has been on the plane for tens of hours and they still have to board a connecting flight, they can become very cranky.

Pick a destination that is closer and save the more distant places for when the kids are older.

  1. Consider the weather

It’s possible the place you’re visiting will be experiencing different weather from the one you’re currently enjoying. Pack appropriately with this in mind so that you don’t get shocked when you’re greeted by chilly winds when all you carried were light, summer clothes.

  1. Consider your budget

Unless you’re Captain Moneybags, you obviously have a holiday budget. Limit your destination choices to places that fall within this budget.

Even though you’re going on holiday, there will be life when you come back home, and you don’t want to face it broke. The reason you set the budget was so you wouldn’t spend beyond a certain threshold. So, don’t.

  1. Confirm credit card support

Some places only accept specific payment methods. Confirm that you’ll be able to use your credit card where you’re going.

Otherwise, it can be quite an inconvenience when you get there and no one can take your credit card because that payment method is not supported. Plus, it’s not safe to carry lots of cash.

In case only one form of payment is supported, you can find out in advance and make plans to transfer some money to the supported system before making your trip.

However you choose your travel destination, make it a fun-filled affair. It wouldn’t be a family holiday if there weren’t so many memorable moments shared. Make it count.

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