6 Travel Destinations to Visit This Year

  Nothing is so relaxing, like traveling to a new place for adventure. One gets a buzz that is unexplainable, and that psychologically improves ones health. Therapists and psychologists continuously advice people to make traveling a consistent hobby for research shows that it is therapeutic. We have six months to go before the year-ends. This year you can make a change by visiting a new place each month to create memories that you can think about or share with friends and family during the holidays. You can also refer other people to visit these places if you think they can make them experience a better environment relaxing and investment. Go and have your fan to undisclosed location to sooth your soul and body.

  1. Russia 2018

This year Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup, and many people have been talking about going to this country. I would advice one to take some time off the games and go site seeing. You can also decide to visit Russia on a later date to experience pleasure as you reach out to different sites there. Apart from Russia hosting the World Cup, the Russians will also be celebrating hundred years since the capital city (Moscow) of Russia was established.

The stadium at Volgograd city was where Stalingrad turned the tide of the Second World War, and the other is in Kaliningrad, the isolated enclave between Poland and Lithuania. The opening game was at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow where the finals will be held. The Red Square remains an overwhelming highlight part of the city.

  1. Gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country in Africa that has moved on from the genocide that took place in their country in 1994 to become a role model to many other nations who gained independence long before them. In 2017 May, Rwanda launched direct flights from Kigali to London Gatwick, and this move has helped a lot in its tourism sector. Rwanda has evolved to become a safe destination with various lessons, as the majority of its MPs are women and city buses offer free Wi-Fi ensuring that all people are well informed regarding technology. The country is very clean especially their capital city Kigali that is free of plastic bags; they were banned ten years ago.

One of the many things to admire in this country is the mountain gorillas, which are under conservation, which is a success story, repeatedly told in various media. Trekkers pay $1,500 (£1,120) each for an hour-long encounter with the gorillas. Apart from that, they have Lake Kivu, which is a remarkable sight. You can also plan to visit Ekagara national park, which is being refurbished.

The accommodation is also at its best. You cannot miss this experience if you like apes.

  1. The Kenyan Rift valley

Still, in Africa, Kenya has been among the most visited countries in the world, because of its tropical climate, especially at the coast. Its rift valley has more to offer regarding nature and animals. There are various reserves and game parks where you get to see the big five up-close. There is also the fantastic Maasai Mara where you can see the migration of the wild beasts from Serengeti in Tanzania. Mount Long’onot National Park offers a breath of fresh air, the dormant volcano gives fantastic aerial views of surrounding areas, you can also see Nairobi city from afar.

Kenya has excellent accommodation services, and you will have no worries since value for your money. Some notable five star hotels worth to note are Hemingways, Serena, Kempinsink, Radisson blu, Hilton and many more.

  1. The Exotic Andaman Islands

This small island is Located in the Bay of Bengal in India, and it is surrounded by beautiful corals and has a rainforest cover which gives it the feel of pure wildlife. The sea has a fantastic shade of turquoise and white sand that is very attractive. It was a hidden paradise until an increase in flights to the capital, Port Blair, from four of India’s major cities have made touring this area possible. This is the exactly the place you would want to go to experience a new lease of life and excitement. It will help you to know more about the traditions, culture, and religions of India. The accommodation is promising, or at its best due to the hospitality and caring nature of the concerned personnel. You can also learn how to go about with healthy living, which is highly regarded in this place.

  1. Royal Botswana

Prince Harry since the age of thirteen confirmed that it is only in Africa specifically Botswana where he feels at home. The wildlife is so unique, and it is not a surprise that he took Meghan to camp there while they got engaged. The name of the place is Meno a Kwena meaning ‘Teeth of the Crocodile’. This is a campsite with luxurious tents set on the cliff top, and you can watch wild animals from there very clearly.

There are many places you can visit in the area like Okavango River where there is a double Decker houseboat. There are also the palm islands, which are very alluring. You can visit this place to understand what made the Prince come back repeatedly.

  1. Rich History in Vienna

I would recommend this place to nerds and people who love history. It has the world’s best museums. It claims to be the center of opera and classical music in all of Europe. This is a fantastic place for a young couple as they will be more intimate. The food and drinks are excellent. The site is lovely and comfortable to get around. The museums include the Kunsthistorisches where you don’t have to queue to enter, the Louvre, the Prado, the Hermitage, and the National Gallery

There is also Habsburg’s Hofburg Palace, which also attracts plenty of interest, as it is so enormous.

All the places mentioned above will be great get a ways to enjoy and learn at the same time. There are many places to choose from, but these six stand out. They have not been influenced that much so they still are authentic.

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